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Gold Bundle

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Gold Bundle Features:  Filming at Twilight (Sunset) capturing daylight, twilight and night shots.
High-Quality 5-Blend Photos provided in both Full Size and MLX Size, with additional time spent on the mastering of each image.
A Property Commercial for the home, including scripting, narration and local area features based on the elementary school catchment area.
This bundle also includes an extended Commercial and additional photos.

Recommended For: Newly-built or luxury homes that are rich with all the newest materials and features.
Or for an Agent who wants to make himself/herself stand out by having a unique luxury look to their marketing.

To view samples of our Gold Bundle, see our Portfolio.

Maximum Sqft Approx. Number of Photos /
Property Commercial Length
Gold Bundle Pricing
Starting at:
1,000 20 / 2:00 min $450
2,000 25 / 2:30min $490
3,000 30 / 3:00min $530
4,000 35 / 3:30min $570
5,000 40 / 4:00min $610
6,000 45 / 4:30min $650
7,000 50 / 5:00min $690
8,000 55 / 5:30min $730
Travel Rates Varies Varies

There are a variety of upgrades and additional options available.

Simple Revision $10 Mandarin Video $75 Featuresheet $25
Revision with Narrative  $30  Add Video Length (15sec) $10 UAV Drone $550+
Area Location Request  $30ea Custom Branding $50+ Key Pickup/Drop  $25+
Additional Photos  $5ea Elementom Credits -$5 Floorplan $0.09/sqft*
MLS General Description  $10

All prices do not include GST. The 5% GST will be added on the final invoice. All payments will be due within 30 days, late fees are applied monthly after 60 days. Payment available via Cheque or Paypal/Credit Card.
*Min for floorplans is $150