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Listing Services – FAQ

02 Oct 2015, Posted by Sarah Prade in News

Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions we get from clients about our listing services.

What is your turnaround for listing photos?
Our average turnaround time is by 4pm the following workday!  The files are provided via Dropbox.

What is your turnaround for listing videos?
Our average turnaround time for videos is the following workday after your shoot. Assuming of course we have received all required information and files from you. We’ll email you a YouTube link that can be used to embed the Commercial on your website, link the Commercial to your MLS listing, or share via social media.
(Note: Mandarin upgrades are usually within 24-48hrs from the approval of the English Commercial)

What if I have special requests for my video?
No two homes are alike. If there are any special requests or ideas that you’d like to include in your listings Commercial, it’s important to let us know about them before 9am the day after your shoot. While we can meet some special requests, they often require additional budget. Please see our customization/revisions pricelist.

What if I want something changed in my Commercial?
Unfortunately video is and elaborate and is not a change-friendly medium. Any changes or special requests made once your Commercial is in post-production or completed will result in a revision fee starting at $35.

What if there’s an error in my Commercial?
If we’ve made any avoidable errors in the Commercial, we will fix them as quickly as possible, free of charge.

Can I customize the script for my Commercial?
For listings we write the script ourselves, catering it to the features of the home and carefully designing the flow to produce a strong Commercial best suited to that property. We don’t do script pre-approvals or customized scripts on standard listing jobs because the scripting is an integral part of keeping the Commercial on budget. We love to do custom jobs but these are not part of our standard listing Commercial services and will require a custom quote or budget.

What if access to the property is delayed?
If our photographer is on site and access to the property is delayed, they may not be able to fully complete the shoot as we only book and budget so much time on site.
Either an additional fee of $25 per 15min (rounded down) will be applied or a lesser quantity of photos and commercial length will be provided for the full bundle price.
Delays at twilight shoots will result in the same fee and will have a severe impact on the final product quality (many rooms may miss the ideal light).

Any Delay greater than 1hr will result in cancellation fees (see below).

It’s raining, can I reschedule my shoot?
Any cancellations (or rescheduling) with under 48 hours notice maybe subject to a cancellation fee of up to %50 the full amount of the booking (See cancellations below). It rains on average every other day in the Great Vancouver Area, we have plenty of practice producing a good result in the rain! If the view is a major selling point we will do our best to find openings or schedule for a sunny day, but we of course can’t guarantee a rain free shoot. In general, please keep in mind that all weather conditions have pros and cons, though photographers our preference is overcast.

Do you work on weekends and stat holidays?
Please see our hours of operations post here.
We do take requests for working on Stats or our days off, but there are extra costs because BC Employment Standards requires us to pay our employees stat pay for any holiday worked, any shoot that takes place on a statutory holiday has an increased charge starting at $75 for on Site work. Cost for RUSH post production can vary greatly, please request a quote.

Max SqFt Limits
There is a Max SqFt that each Bundle is designed and best suited for. The only exception is for areas that will not be shot (for example, tenanted suites), these not count towards the Bundle Max SqFt limit. Should a smaller bundle be allowed, only so much time will available and rooms maybe omitted at the photographers discretion.

Can I not have Elementom Credits on my Video?
As a small family company, we are built on the support we get from our clients. We rely on the credits at the end of our commercials as a way to grow our business.We have heard the concerns of some of our clients, and starting November 1 2016, not including the EOM credits in our commercials is free of charge. If you are willing to let us keep our credits on your commercial, we’ll be happy to take $5 off your invoice.

We can only grow with the support of our clients, and this is our way of thanking you for choosing us as part of your marketing team.
PS. By default, we will still include the credits and the new $5 discount, so if you’d like to not show the credits, please let us know before your shoot!

Is there a fee to cancel a shoot?
Any cancellations (or rescheduling) with under 48 hours notice are subject to a cancellation fee of up to %50 the full amount of the booking.
We ask you please understand and consider that a short notice cancellation often results in a time slot permanently remaining empty.
Under 48 hours notice – $50 Flat Fee
Under 24 hours notice – 25% Full Booking Amount
Under 4 hours notice – 50% Full Booking Amount