Thanks to our friends at Lofty Media, EOM is now offering a drone upgrade for our videos! Drone footage does a spectacular job showing off views, outdoor spaces, or just adding some extra elevation to your property video. Our Drone Upgrade starts at $650, depending on how much drone footage you’d like in your video and the size/location of the property. We’ve got some samples below so you can see the benefit of drone footage for your luxury property, but there are some caveats that come with this amazing new upgrade:

1. We need notice!
Having a drone out to your shoot requires permission from Transport Canada, so we’ll need at least 2 days notice if you’d like to add the drone to your bundle.
2. Weather Permitting!
There are some obvious safety concerns when it comes to drones flying 100 feet above the property. Drone can’t fly in rain or wind above 20km/hr, so last-minute drone cancellations can happen. We understand the inconvenience, and are happy to reschedule the drone shoot when the weather is playing nice.
3. Safety Factors!
Along with weather considerations, drones also can’t fly within 30 metres of busy roadways. If there are powerlines close to your property, it may interfere with the radio signals from the drone’s transmitter. Basically, while drones and drone footage add amazing perspective to your marketing video, they may not be suitable for all properties.
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