Just a friendly reminder, when you hire EOM (“Element of Marketing”) for a photo and/or Commercial shoot, you are purchasing a non-exclusive usage license for the final product (the photos and/or the Commercial), this license does not allow for re-sale or modification of our media. EOM retains all ownership of our captured raw and polished photographs and video footage, and we reserve the right to distribute or re-sell any of these media products. This includes media for properties, amenities, and local areas. We retain these rights so we can continue to offer our services at our current prices, and to benefit all of our clients.
The legal jargon is below, but don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Element of Marketing is the sole owner of all Element of Marketing photographs and videos. Any link, use or reproduction of any Element of Marketing photograph or video without the written consent from Element of Marketing is strictly prohibited. Any unauthorized usage of Element of Marketing media will result in an invoice for the re-sale value of that media.
Element of Marketing retains the right to all media captured, be it video, photographs, or other, and can use the media for marketing or other non-malicious purposes.
Element of Marketing reserves the right to re-sell the Element of Marketing photographs and videos for a nominal fee, without notice being given to the original vendor.
This website is owned and operated by Element of Marketing; all materials contained in these web pages are copyright protected. All links to any portion of the web pages contained herein are prohibited without the written consent of Element of Marketing.
All payments are due upon receipt of invoice. We reserve the right to terminate or temporarily remove any Element of Marketing videos from our YouTube channel due to non or late payment.
We reserve the right to remove any Element of Marketing videos from our website and YouTube channel.